Redefining marketing and sales processes through automation

Redefining marketing and sales processes through automation

There is a lot that B2C leaders in certain sectors can learn from B2B business management especially when it comes to lead generation and marketing automation. 

Theoretically, most leaders are aware of why it is important to set up a proper marketing automation process. Answer: efficiency and improved productivity of business performance.

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Marketing automation allows you to maximize the efficiency and results of your lead generation programs.

The above article goes through a complete deep dive on what questions to ask (for MQLs, SQLs), what tools are available and how to set up solutions for addressing specific objectives and measure its success.

However, I believe that B2C companies need to re-address and re-think how they have implemented marketing automation in the past years. 

Here is an IRL example: As marketers and business users, we wanted to capture leads directly on an ad on Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But, many of us have failed to set this up. Not because there wasn't an appetite for it. But, technical teams, IT infrastructure and data governance have been hurdles in this simple execution. While legacy systems are one challenge, people and processes are another.

In most organizations, we have bloated processes and systems which keep it from moving forward and growing. 

Business users must educate technical teams on their needs and requirements while technical teams must realize that they are here to support the growth of an organization without compromising on security risks.

Key takeaways if you want to effectively deploy marketing & sales automation: 

  1. Don't let communication breakdown between business and technical teams.
  2. If that happens, it directly affects business productivity and lost business opportunities.
  3. Increased friction can make one vulnerable to security and legal risks. 

If you have succeeded in breaking down silos and improved collaboration between business and technical teams in your organisation, kudos to being in a league of your own. And, if you are looking for inspiration in marketing and sales automation, check the below article.

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