I'm glad that I participated in Meta's dedicated event for Measurement. Listening to and discussing all things media measurement and Marketing/Media Mix Modeling (MMM) was a pleasure.

The speakers from various brands, agencies and media partners shared valuable insights. I'm happy to hear and report that the last-click attribution era is behind us (finally!).

The study titled "Meta-analysis of media in the Luxury Industry" conducted by Nielsen left a mark.

Here are some key takeaways that I found interesting and reaffirming:

  • Luxury brands' media spending comes back strong in 2022
  • Media spending contributed to revenue growth
    • Long-term sales impact is 2x that of short-term sales
  • Branding campaigns do have a strong impact towards brand equity metrics but also on both short-term and long-term revenue
  • Campaign creativity matters and it is a significant piece of the puzzle to capture audience attention and drive business results
Brands that have a significant retail footprint need to prioritize points of sales that drive growth, profitability and client experiences. This means that we must ensure the success of marketing is measured irrespective of technical challenges and we must optimise budgets to drive business performances.
- Sharannath Mohanram